Have a Watch to Sell?

We will provide you with a market valuation and offer for your watch. Our process is fast, easy, and most importantly, it's safe. Should you choose to accept our offer, we will cover the shipping and insurance. We will be there every step of the way to answer any questions or concerns along the way.

1. Request a Quote

Please feel free to contact us directly at


Please take a moment and fill out the simple form below as accurately as possible. Higher quality images that are in focus give us the best quality information. Once submitted, we will only use the information to contact you, it will never be sold or distributed to solicitors.

You can also give us a call at: 1.707.385.9585 or email us at info@oysterpalace.com.

2. Receive a Quote

We will respond with you quote within one day of your submission. You can expect to receive a range of what to expect for your watch, this is pending a physical inspection of the watch. It will be based on current market value and the condition of your specific watch. 

3. Send Us Your Watch 

Once we agree upon a price, we will email you a pre-paid, fully insured, FedEx Priority Overnight shipping label. There will also be step-by-step packing instructions using the free shipping materials provided by FedEx for their Overnight shipping service. We use a third party shipping company, Parcel Pro, that specializes in shipping and insuring watches, jewelry and collectables with higher values than Fedex will insure through its own service. 

4. Final Offer and Payment

After the watch is received and all the functions prove to be in good working condition, we then make a firm offer within the original range of the initial quote. Once you've accepted the offer, we will promptly send payment via check, wire transfer, or Paypal. 

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